About the work

Sacred Body is rooted in the fundamental principles of yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda, which all state that anything in life can be medicinal or toxic depending on how we relate to it. Through turning toward our wounds and challenges as implicitly intelligent, we can transform self-sabotage into an experience of deep peace, joy, intimacy and freedom now.

Through the course of the work, clients identify for themselves not only what they deeply desire out of life, but the patterns and beliefs that have kept them from ASKING FOR and RECEIVING these desires. In other words, what transpires is a deep reprogramming of inherited beliefs and behaviors around self-worth, deservability, autonomy, and voice. Programs may involve Ayurvedic food and cleansing protocols, somatic processing and expressive arts practices, or a combination of gross and subtle body exercises (yoga, bodywork, pelvic floor work) to restore a felt sense of balance and strength.

This work is for you if you are seeking trauma resolution related to sex, sexuality, pregnancy, postpartum, intimacy, addiction and co-dependence. Ayurvedic coaching and bodywork is also available for pelvic pain, menstrual or fertility challenges, chronic infections, and digestive issues.

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About me 

I have always known intuitively that the body is sacred, that healing is a necessary part (maybe even the point) of being human, and that nature is our teacher. What I didn't know for a long time was my intrinsic worth.

I've always had a big appetite and big emotions and a strong level of desire, but I never had anyone tell me that that was GOOD! Instead, my bigness, especially my sensitivity, was treated as a problem, which led me to spend decades of my life in a constant struggle between what I deeply wanted and what I thought others expected. Making others happy made me feel safe, and eventually became my source of self worth.

But in spite of how hard I tried to be ‘good,’ I just couldn't get past the debilitating fear I was never going to be enough. At age 15 I started restricting my calories; meticulously measuring everything I put into my mouth. After a few years of absolute control over my food (and volcanic fights with my family and friends, not to mention hair loss, and menstrual issues), I began to binge and purge. Eating was the only way to quell the crippling anxiety, and vomiting was "the only way" to stay in control. This pattern stayed with me for almost a decade, but it led me to yoga, to Ayurveda, and to the 12 Steps, which anchored me for the decade to come.

I completed my 200hr at Yoga Works in Santa Monica in 2005. I've been teaching ever since. I've studied with Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford, as well as Hala Khouri, Shiva Rea, 75hr Advanced Training with Schuyler Grant, Asana + Technique with Mira Shani, and mentorship with Alex Auder. I completed some of the 500hr training at the Himalayan Institute, Goddess Empowerment with Sally Kempton, Shakti School Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching with Katie Silcox, as well as two trauma informed yoga teacher trainings (with Hala Khouri and Leslie Booker.) I'm a full-spectrum doula and have studied trauma resolution and scar tissue remediation body work with Kimberly Ann Johnson, Ellen Heed and Pam Samuelson. I led a 200hr Teacher Training program in Houston, TX called Svasta Yoga School for five years, as well as a meditation immersion and annual mentorship programs (which I now lead virtually.)

I love to teach somatically-informed movement and specialize in what I consider comprehensive practices that include some meditation and / or mantra practice. Putting the philosophy and more subtle practices into context for students is a particular gift and passion of mine.