The Wisdom of Your Body

the wisdom of your body 

Every day we're given the opportunity to negotiate with reality. Whether we choose to honor / trust reality or forge ahead with forcefulness is entirely up to us. I've been examining my relationship to reality with new tools for the last year and a half or so, and in this long, drawn-out experiment I've discovered a few things:

1. Staying present is deeply vulnerable and viscerally unfamiliar to my intellect

2. When I sense deeply into my core body (pelvis, heart, throat,) there is a level of sadness that feels overwhelming and also honest

3. Expanding my capacity for adaptability and resilience requires more fluency in vulnerability and honoring of my emotions

There are several tools that have been most useful to me - such as "somatization," or non-goal-oriented movement, as well as Body Yantra (bone-focused meditation developed by my teacher, Katie Silcox.)  Through my consistent use of these modalities, other tools from my early days on the path have become more relevant. There are some tools that work without our "getting" why, and that's beautiful, but I'm taking real delight in "getting" the download on a psychic level about the real intelligence behind daily practice and Ayurvedic food rituals.

It's too easy for each of us to default to the standard diet of rule-following and success-matching that epitomizes our culture. The consequence being that we live our lives literally and lose our connection to life viscerally. This leads to cycles of discordant behavior and eventual resentment or even regret. These emotional states lead us to illness and relational ruptures.

Growing our capacity for REALITY, for being right here, right now, doesn't require any one particular practice, but a continued hunger for REALITY that compels us to keep leaning into the practices that give us access to what is real - this worry, this pain, this addiction, this heartache. Turningtoward the place where we can actually TOUCH reality - not just conceptualize it - is the key to our collective healing. 

I'm inviting you into a very special process of fully embracing your own wild and rugged reality with softness, strength and courage. If now is the time you hear your body buzzing with YES, set up a consultation. You may also consider joining my 12 week mentorship, Swan Dive, an investigation of the gross and subtle access points of the womb and pelvic floor. 

Take some time to breathe today. Lean into the wobbles and wiggles and whining in your heart. Remember that only reality exists, and it is our access point to freedom.

In honor of each of you, in  honor of your practice......

Stacey Ramsower